Payment methods

Ordered Products and Delivery, Buyer will pay according to the model I choose when completing the order. Payment of the Product can be made:

  • Payment by Offer to Transaction Account (Paypal, Internet Banking)
  • one-time online payment by credit and debit cards – WSPay

Payment by Offer to Transaction Account

If the Buyer decides to pay for the offer (option “DIRECT BANK TRANSACTION”), by clicking on “Order” the Seller will receive the order and the Buyer will show the payment details. Once the funds are visible in the Seller’s account, he will deliver the goods ordered. The offer is valid for three days from the date of issue. If Customer fails to pay within the specified time period, it will be deemed to have withdrawn from the purchase of the ordered products.

Paying Cards

When paying with credit and debit cards, the payment authorization is done automatically. The seller bears all the manipulative costs of authorizing the credit / debit card of the user. In case of an unsuccessful payment authorization, the purchase procedure is terminated. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the webshop service.

The Seller’s payment card service is implemented by WSPay ™ Webstudio d.o.o. WSPay ™ is a system that manipulates data by multiple encryption and special channels. WSPay ™ applies state-of-the-art data protection standards – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption and MD5 algorithm. The ISO 8583 protocol ensures that data exchange between the Webstudio system and credit card authorization centers is carried out on a private network that is protected from the unauthorized access to a double layer of firewalls. The WSPay ™ system is installed on servers controlled by Webstudio d.o.o.

WSPay is a secure online credit card authorization system in real time.


American Express   Diners Club Interantional   Visa   MasterCard          Verified By Visa  mastercard securecode WSPay - Web Studio payment gateway


Seller assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages that Customer may suffer due to temporary, partial or complete inaccessibility of WSPay ™ services.